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Avail High End Solutions For Fire Extinguishers, Portable Fire Extinguisher, Chemical Fire Extinguisher, Fire Extinguishing Ball From Us, At Fair Prices.

About Us

The first base of establishing any kind of residential, commercial, industrial or any other infrastructure is safety. Understanding the requirements and possessing the knowledge for providing required solutions, we, at Nikhil Fire Enterprises, are offering suitable products and associated services to customers all across India. By working as a trader, wholesaler and service provider, we are effectively serving the superior quality of ABC Fire Extinguishers, Automatic Fire Extinguishers, Carbon Dioxide Based Fire Extinguishers, Powder Fire Extinguishers & other products.

Our experts deliver the most effective Fire Extinguishers Maintenance Services. For this, we have earned endless compliments as our servicing is timeless, customer-integrated and budget friendly. Through our offered services, we seek for supporting all required customers that have urgent requirements and difficult accessibility to the responsive service provider.

In our journey of around 4 years only, we have gained trust & liability of our customers, vendors and other associates. The safety of our respective customers is our concern and for that, we are always prepared to go to new lengths. Through all this, we aim for sustaining a level of growth, which will take our firm to sky high success.

Customer Integrated Firm

It is our duty to understand the needs of our respective customers and, take initiatives that can uplift their expectations for Fire Extinguishers solution. We operate in customer deviated manner in order to stay closer to deliver what they actually seek for.

Our each offered item from Carbon Dioxide Based Fire Extinguishers, Powder Fire Extinguishers, ABC Fire Extinguishers, Automatic Fire Extinguishers to others comes from renowned manufacturers & is thoroughly tested. And, only quality confirmed range is further supplied to our honorable customers.

To deliver Fire Extinguishers Service is our forte. In our journey so far, we have never failed to satisfy even a single customer. And by delivering the same, we look forward to servicing for many more successful years.

Our Values
  • The safety of customers is our concern and we keep ourselves geared up to resolve any urgent requirement.
  • The delivery of only quality assured items is our responsibility.
  • The timeless delivery of products & services is our commitment.
  • The mutual growth of our customers, our company & our honorable employees is what we stand for.
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